The Chartered Global Investment Analyst

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Why the CGIA Charter Program?  

The Chartered Global Investment Analyst (CGIA) is the world’s largest and recognized professional body setting global standards for ethical investment practices for the greater good of society through professional education.

Time & Opportunities

The world is moving faster than we can ever imagine. Time is of essence and investing it in a professional qualification to create career opportunities is a difficult task. The CGIA Charter Program gives you both, time & opportunities.

Ethics – Professionalism – Diversity

Ethics and professionalism has always been a core to the CGIA Charter Program. The world’s financial services industry needs people with such standards whiles embracing diversity. Get involved.

Partnership unmatched

CGIA Charter Program works through strategic partnerships such as local Financial Market Regulators, Accredited Training Partners, Accredited Investment Firms and Accredited Education Partners

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The Chartered Global Investment Analyst (CGIA – USA) is the world’s largest and recognized professional body providing approved designation for Securities, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Accounting, Statistics, Insurance, Financial Planning, Economics, Investment, Stock Brokering, Financial Management, Business Management, Actuarial Science professionals.

CGIA Charter Program is certified by the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM) which is a global professional body of investment and finance professionals in over 150 countries and with over 10,000 members worldwide.

Why the CGIA Charter Program?

CGIA ® will help you to gain deep knowledge, demonstrated expertise and credibility in the investment and financial management industry.

The charter program, developed by leading industry practitioners, will equip you with the practical knowledge you need to secure and do your job.

CGIA charter will help you to distinguish yourself with knowledge, expertise, and a clear career advantage over industry peers.

The CGIA Charter Program provides a strong foundation of advanced investment analysis and real-time management skills that will open you up to limitless possibilities.

Start with CGIA Foundational Program

With CGIA®, you don’t have to worry about meeting entry requirements. You can begin your journey towards CGIA® charter designation with our Foundation-level certification – referred to as the CGIA Foundational Program – CFP®.

This foundational module is perfectly designed for you, especially if you are new to finance and investment. You’ll be starting at the right level to suit your ability and develop motivation for the main CGIA® modules.


The CGIA Charter Program presents a lifetime opportunity to begin your journey to become a globally recognized investment and finance professional.

Whether you’re established in your career or just getting started in the investments and finance space, the CGIA Charter designation puts you on a high pedestal and set you apart in the industry – limitless possibilities.

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Accredited training partners

The process to become an Accredited Training Partner of the CGIA is a key feature of quality assurance arrangements.

Take this opportunity to work with the CGIA in your country or region.


THE VOICE, is an opportunity to our Charter Holders to walk us through their journey towards success.

THE VOICE is a monthly publication which regroups a series of interviews conducted with some of our Charter Holders, influenced and driven by the profound desire to inspire others.

Download the latest edition of THE VOICE.